Walking With Mates

8th of Sep 2020

Brody Keyworth

SEO Specialist

Introducing Walking With Mates

Brody here. This is a little long-winded but I really just wanted to share this with anyone else having a bit of a tough time at the moment. I’d like to introduce one of my best mates, Logan.

Logan and I, are best mates from high school and since 2003 we’ve been really tight. Logan is back up in Queensland where I grew up and a few weeks ago I found out he was having a bit of a tough time mentally, as was I. This got me thinking about ways in which I could not only support my mates mental health but mine too. That’s why I’m introducing “Walking With Mates”

According to The MindShift Foundation’s Clinical Psychologist Dr Lars Madsen

The mental health benefits of going for a good walk are wide-ranging. These benefits, combined with walking in a group, are an effective tool for promoting emotional wellbeing as it encourages interaction, social engagement as well as physical activity.

Obviously at the moment, Victorians are doing it quite tough and I’ve forgotten what group and team actually mean BUT if you aren’t using your full allotted 60 mins of exercise a day, I strongly suggest going for a walk and getting on the radio waves (mobile/cell) with a good friend somewhere and get them to walk with you.

You’d be surprised how much fun it is. We share music while we are walking and exchange photos of the different landscapes and architecture we experience. We share the radio, both taking turns at talking and listening about our feelings, and ways in which we can improve, So far we’ve been doing it for two weeks and have both discussed at length the benefits we are reaping.

Being open and honest with how your feeling is not a sign of weakness, it’s quite the opposite. It’s quite surprising how many of your friends go through similar feelings and thoughts to you.

If you aren’t a walker, don’t worry! Spring Health’s Chief Scientist and Co-founder, tells Bustle. 

Findings also showed that mindfulness exercises — specifically, yoga and tai chi — were also associated with a mental health boost.

We have unlimited Zoom, so use it to do a Yoga session with a friend and have some fun.

Create your own radio station on Spotify and be sure to send some photos of your adventures.

Our radio station is 88FM – Classic Goodtimes “You bring the ear, we bring the fun.”

I’m currently booked between 4:15 – 5:15 PM on weekdays but my schedule is wide open on weekends.

Anyway, The world is still beautiful, the sun is still shining, look after your mind, body and soul but most importantly be there and love each other and join the ‘Walking with Mates’ revolution

I’m Brody, and I’m here all week.

If you are struggling and needing support please remember to check in with a loved one, your GP or alternatively by calling lifeline on 13 11 14 or Beyond Blue at 1300 22 4636

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