Assessing Customer Lifetime Value – Rahul Chauhan on the Revenue Generator Podcast

4th of Mar 2022

Foresight Digital

Foresight Digital’s Managing Director Rahul Chauhan provides the second of a three part podcast with Revenue Generator on Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and what it means to build trust with your potential customers.

This episode dives into:

  • The core understanding and key drivers of CLV
  • Key influences in your customer’s lives
  • Customer conversion journey

When it comes to customer acquisition and growth, Rahul knows that customer lifetime value is the golden metric. This concept is often overlooked or taken for granted when building a business. Listen to Rahul’s insights on how to identify your best customers through the lens of CLV, and how you can optimise this metric for success.

Grab yourself a cuppa and check out the full podcast here: Assessing Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) — Rahul Chauhan // Foresight Digital

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