Team Culture

Foresight is a distributed team. This means we work from home-based offices across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Auckland, Chicago and more. We care about your talent, not where you’re located. 

Foresight invests in benefits for you individually to the value of up to $15,000 on top of your base salary every year.

90% Work From Home

Save over 500 hours a year in travel time. That’s over three whole months of 8 hour workdays. Instead, spend it sleeping, with family or learning how to play guitar! We know how important having social time with colleagues still is, so two days a month you’re able to meet with local team members at a coworking space near you.

Flexi-Time, Every Day

Family, pets, deliveries, housework, shopping, fitness. To us, the order of work amongst it all doesn’t matter, as long as it gets done. That’s why we offer flexibility around start and finish times each day.

Home Office Support

When you’re working from home, you still want a beautiful environment that you feel motivated to work in every day. We give you a generous budget to kit-out your home office as well as contributing to your internet, electricity and mobile phone bills. You’ll have the benefit of three jam-packed in-person onboarding days as well when you first join the team.

Professional Development Budget

Get access to your personal professional development budget to extend your learning throughout the year. Plus, access further financial incentives for participating in content production for our digital marketing academy.

Physical And Mental Wellbeing

Your wellbeing is our number one priority. You’ll get a dedicated budget you can use toward physical and mental health support. Plus, connect with psychologists on our agency account to support you when you need it.

Working Holidays, Anywhere

Once you’ve been a team member for 12 months, we can provide financial contributions toward a working holiday anywhere in the world for up to 6 months.

Team Strategy Days

Every quarter you’re invited to attend our in-person company wide strategy day, and each year, our in-person annual retreat. Designed to empower and motivate all of us on our journey together.

Your Finances, Sorted

Working with Foresight’s handpicked accountants, we give you access to people who will help you claim as much as possible and get the most out of your tax return.

Culture Time, Always

From daily coffee catch ups and weekly wine downs, to monthly Foresight family fun nights featuring rock climbing, axe throwing, mini golf, painting and more!

Rewards and Recognition

From the monthly Foresight Performance Awards to our annual Awards Program delivered at our yearly retreat, we love recognising outstanding talent and contributions. Plus, earn a nice cash bonus for any candidate referral who becomes a team member.

Your Voice, Always Heard

You’ll be involved in weekly strategy meetings where we provide transparency around all areas of the business, monthly chit chats to table thoughts and ideas, monthly 1:1s with your manager and quarterly career planning.