Paid Digital

At Foresight, your team will work directly with our team of paid digital strategists, each with over 10 years of experience. Meet them here. We’ve had success with some of Australia’s largest brands across finance, property, sport, tourism, FMCG and more.

Multi-channel strategy

We manage paid media across multiple digital channels both large and niche:

  • Paid search (e.g. Google AdWords)
  • Google shopping ads (Merchant Centre)
  • Social (e.g. Facebook, Linkedin, Wechat)
  • Display (e.g. Google Display Network)
  • Programmatic (e.g. Double Click)
  • Native aggregators (e.g Outbrain)
  • Niche industry channels (e.g Quora)

Investment management

Think of us as an investment fund manager. We ensure meticulous management of your marketing dollars by pacing your budgets throughout the month so there is no wastage, and we control spend into campaigns that drive maximum returns.

Advanced bidding strategies

Our bidding strategies are influenced by factors which allow us to fine tune campaigns and delivery the best returns on your investment. We alter our approach based on user behaviour or demographics, their buying cycle stage, remarketing cookie pools, device types, time of day, day of week, timing alignment with your ATL activity and more.

Relevant targeting

We’ve merged design thinking and paid media by creating campaigns that target potential buyers based on your unique brand customer journey. In paid search this also means rigorous management of negative keywords

Impression share forecasting

For paid search, we help you operate in a competitive market and within specific budgets with confidence by giving you impression share forecasts and setting these as targets. That means you get visibility of how often you’ll be seen for particular keyword groups, likely clicks and conversions for your investment.

Manage, test and optimise ad copy and creative

We utilise the full capability of ad platforms to ensure campaigns perform at their best. That means taking advantage of ad rotation, being aware of ad fatigue and constantly testing and tweaking for best results.

Optimise Quality Scores

For paid search, quality score is queen! We strictly manage click-through rates, ad relevance and landing page experience with conversion optimisation to increase your quality score which decreases what you pay per click, so you get more traffic for the same budget.

Better ROI with Remarketing

We take a much more holistic approach to remarketing. We set up matrices to map your existing and propose new landing pages to target segments and keywords. We create remarketing lists based on behaviour, location as well as channels from above the line media through to marketing automation, to significantly increase conversions from already engaged consumers.

Co optimise with SEO

We have built a proprietary tool that helps us to identify keyword opportunity gaps between SEO and paid search so we can identify new keyword bidding opportunities that may otherwise remain untapped.

Online to offline tracking

For brands where a sale may start online and then finish offline (e.g. luxury goods or B2B), we leverage Google’s Offline Conversion measurement, along with out inhouse backend development capability to enable you to attribute revenue and profit from sales made back to a digital channel.

Use social as a sales channel

We specialise in opportunities to work with clients who have social channels they want to transform into sales channels.  Social influencing through our own B2B networks, amplifying the work of B2B sales teams and deeper thought leadership content is something we excel at because we have senior digital marketers who strategise and manage these channels.

Or, if you would like to learn more but you’re not ready to discuss in detail just yet, request more information below.