Product Consulting

Sometimes, to optimise marketing—it takes more than just, well, marketing! Often there may be something much deeper that needs to be relooked at. That’s where our product consulting can come in handy. Purpose built for SaaS and technology-first brands or customer technology solutions within challenger and established brands, we provide guidance at a senior product management level.

Foresight Digital have been working with LUCRF Super to establish a sound strategic digital response to our specific needs. They’re not afraid to ask the tough questions and are incredibly responsive and solution oriented and we feel they’re a true partner.

Elise Brown | LUCRF Super


Define Product Principles and Customer Persona

We help you define unique, cultural values aligned product principles that will guide every user story written and delivered, as well as the specific customer persona that is most important to build for.

Feature Audit, Hyposcores and Value Curve

Collaborating with your sales and service teams, we build out an audit of existing features and the value they’d been designed to bring vs their current performance, as well as a critical comparison against your product value versus competitor offerings— identifying important gaps that can be leveraged.

Run Customer Interviews

Using a purpose built interview platform we interview your ideal customers to understand their product perspective and needs, record and auto-transcribe all conversations and tag up to map out the pattern of insights across each.

Report On and Prioritise Customer Needs

We collaboratively work to prioritise customer needs across feedback from internal teams, strategic leadership and customers – tagging to core segments, the business challenge being solved and whether the need becomes a differentiator or closes a competitive gap.

Write User Stories For Product Roadmap

Each prioritised need is written out into a user story that usually lives in your development backlog (Jira, Pivotal Tracker, Bugzilla, Redmine, Github…etc). We create a roadmap of these focussed on the next cycle of development or longer, as needed.

Product Tracking and Analytics

We leverage tools like Mixpanel, Amplitude and Segment, setting up or guiding you on the set up global product tagging then has the capacity to feed marketing, while providing invaluable ongoing product insight that will inform future priorities.

Set Up Product Management Tools

We set up our preferred tool Product Board, connecting it in with your preferred backlog management tool. This provides greater product visibility and collaborative opportunities across your organisation.

Or, if you would like to learn more but you’re not ready to discuss in detail just yet, request more information below.