Owned channels are those that you own and operate. To be fair some are more “owned” than others! While your organic social media profile may be yours, that doesn’t stop companies like Facebook from shutting off your access based on policy violations or other political maneuvering.

Your website

Your email database

Your organic social profile

Owned channels generally include these three categories.

At Foresight, we specialise in CRM and Automation leveraging your email database, as well as Content Production to leverage your website and other owned digital assets (and we also have trusted partners we collaborate with in Website Design/Development if that’s a priority for you).

These owned channels are some of your most powerful assets. Direct email is often one of the highest converting channels—and is exceptionally potent when paired with incoming acquisition efforts from Paid Digital and SEO.

Foresight’s CRM and Automation partners

What Foresight Solves With CRM, Automation
and Content Production

Foresight takes a strategic approach to implementation across each of these areas.

Strategic thinking during CRM set up or refresh

From data hygiene (keeping stuff clean and making sure you don’t have any emails that will greet a customer as “Hi Weirdo!”, to data enrichment (adding information like gender, phone, email and more), to compliance (e.g. GDPR). We cover off everything a marketing and sales team will need to consider to be able to effectively leverage data in the CRM.

Upsell, Cross Sell, Retention, Engagement, Advocacy

Across the entire lifecycle of each customer, we create sustainable programs that bring immediate revenue and loyalty benefits.

Personalisation and MQL Scoring

Creating content journeys that are personalised to where your potential customer is in their own journey and creating more sophisticated scoring systems that allow leads to be auto prioritised and allocated across sales teams.