Overhaul Marketing Tech Stack

A marketing tech (technology) stack are the tools that are used together to deliver the most effective and efficient marketing program.

We say they’re “stacked” because the ideal goal is for them to be connected in a way that gives you the capability to communicate seamlessly with customers and audiences via multiple channels—and minimise the need to make manual updates between systems.

Technology choices can be really overwhelming and there are any number of software vendors who will happily tell you what you want to hear in order to make a sale. That’s why having an advocate who can help sort through the mess of options—especially one with deep tech experience—is very helpful!

What makes up the “stack”?

You might be looking for all of these tools, or just one or two.
Whatever elements you need to re-look at, we can help provide guidance:
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Email Marketing / Automation Platform
    These are sometimes packaged with the CRM, especially in B2B scenarios.
  • Advertising and Performance Marketing Platforms
    With the exception of managing programmatically through
    Adobe or Google Marketing, these are often siloed based on the marketing channel.
  • Customer Data Platform (CDP)
    A centralised platform for managing all your customer data in one
    spot and potentially sending it between different systems.
  • Content Management System (CMS)
    For managing the content, design, structure and onsite SEO for a website.
  • Analytics and Reporting
    This is often made up of a Data Pipeline, Data Warehouse and Data Visualisation tool working together.
  • Collaboration and project management
    For internal and external team management.

While there are a few all-in-one tools that bundle a number of the above functions together, they’re generally very large investments and may only be necessary in highly complex enterprises.

Another way of approaching it is to still maintain a level of connection between platforms, doing so by selecting. It all ultimately depends on your organisation, your budget and your marketing objectives.

How Foresight Can Help You Overhaul Your Marketing Tech Stack

Strategy first, tech second

We consult with your team, administering surveys and conducting selected interviews to determine core objectives—then document a top level strategy around how to think about your tech stack which will be the guiding principles for subsequent reviews and recommendations.

Technology reviews and recommendations

The strategy is used to review a few select technology options that will best suit your needs, ensuring the selection will scale in the way you need it to. This may include running technology tests, meeting with vendors, reviewing and negotiating contracts and more via our CMO consulting service.

Integrations planning

We review the level of integration required between platforms, map out what is possible via existing pre-built API connectors, connector platforms (like Zapier), and if needed, custom integrations using API documentation.

Platform set up

Depending on the technologies selected, one of our relevant performance teams will usually be involved in setting it up.

Team training and handover

Depending on whether the technology providers provide training support, our team may also provide a level of platform training and handover where the tech is going to be used by your internal team.