Not for Profit

Let’s start by say… WOW, you guys do amazing work! We admire your courage, your tenacity and your drive to make the world a better place.

Our job is to help you turn your passion into powerful marketing outcomes that drive your core objectives and values as an organisation – and it’s our deep privilege when we feel a part of the difference that you’re making.

We know there are many challenges, from government funding becoming more difficult to access, to disconnected consumers and sometimes aging target audience cohorts meaning a need to rethink how we communicate, especially in an often budget-restricted environment!

Not For Profit Brands We’ve Worked With

What Foresight Solves Not For Profit Brands

  • Google Ad Grants – Ad Grants are notoriously difficult to spend. Our team has experience spending up to 95% of Ad Grants budget each month. We can also support this with standard paid digital Paid Digital advertising to drive donations and other fundraising activities.
  • Long term donor audience building. Search Engine Optimisation and excellence in content planning and production is the key to thriving long term in digital. Each new organic site visitor is a gift that keeps giving, as you’re not paying for each and every visit. 
  • Donor automation and CRM programs. Once a new donor is acquired, there’s lots to be done, from sharing and engaging the amazing work you do with them, to encouraging them to make regular, even recurring donations.
  • Strategic guidance for sustainable NFP marketing:
    • Brand messaging 
    • CMO consulting