Increase Leads, Sales or ARR

Leads and Sales and ARR, oh my! These are the big three objectives that many marketers are tasked with delivering. They’re critical metrics that link to the health of any business and are most positively impacted by a range of digital performance marketing channels.


Larger consumer purchases like houses, cars or luxury items are generally tied to lead generation objectives because the sale may require financial checks, or prospects tend to want to speak with someone and view the product in person before making a purchase decision.


E-commerce retailers DTC (direct to consumer) brands and technology/ subscription purchases, where the customer buys directly from the site as soon as they’ve made a purchase decision with a credit card, PayPal or other payment mechanism such as Afterpay or ZipPay.

ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue)

Most relevant to SaaS (Software as a Service) brands, brands with subscription product purchases or ongoing donations for Not For Profit organisations. It is the calculation of not just the first sale, but the expected recurring sales after the first one.

How Foresight Can Help You Drive Leads, Sales
and Annual Recurring Revenue

CMO Consulting

We help you consider whether you have all the strategic and brand elements in place necessary to deliver the best quality and most efficient leads and sales. Learn more

Paid Digital Lead / Sale Generation Campaigns

We forecast impressions, clicks, leads and/ or sales and determine the best mix between one off and recurring sales focus if there is an offer split. Each campaign is optimised daily to reduce or maintain the cost per acquisition while maintaining sales and lead volume. Learn more

Non Branded SEO Keywords

SEO is often considered a long game, but many keywords show bottom-of-the-funnel sales intent (for example “Buy New Car Near Me”). Part of our SEO strategy may include adding new pages and content to your site as well as making technical changes, to aid visibility for these crucial keywords. Learn more

CRM and Automation

Creating a virtuous cycle between online acquisition and then retention and upsell provides a robust marketing framework that delivers more for less. We can review your existing database while also setting up a range of automations and optimisations that drive sales—from cart abandonment to wishlist arrival for B2C, to nurture sequences for B2B leads. Learn more

Analytics and Insights

Using online to offline measurement for leads we can determine exactly how many convert and can track. We can do the same for sales and ARR also—providing powerful visibility into the efficacy of all performance marketing channels. Learn more