Hire a Marketing Team

There is nothing more important than having the right team on board to help execute the marketing vision of your company.

But the process of forming, storming and norming a team, and getting them, finally to the point where they’re performing—takes time.

You need a team that’s laser focussed on performance from day one, while being a great cultural fit for your company values. Most importantly, you need to be able to properly assess their marketing skill set and feel confident in their ability to deliver.


How Foresight Can Help You Hire Your Marketing Team

What better way to ensure you get people who really know marketing embedded into your team, than to work with people who know marketing.
This can either be a complementary or alternative approach to using recruiters.

Team planning and
organisational structure


We work with you to determine the missing skill-sets and roles in your team, and the ideal structure that will enable you to carry out your marketing objectives.

Preparing position contracts


We prepare the core position contract/ position description inclusive of a role mission, KPIs, supporting metrics and responsibilities.

Compelling marketing and direct
LinkedIn outreach


We draft read-worthy job ads, capturing your brand tone of voice and culture in a way that will appeal to your ideal candidate. This is then paired with advertising across LinkedIn, Seek and coupled with direct LinkedIn outreach to specific vetted candidates where relevant.

Creating useful case study briefs


We prepare custom role-specific case study briefs that will help the candidate showcase their skill—and help us identify whether they’re the right fit.

Reviewing candidates


We attend official candidate interviews and presentations, prepare relevant question lists for interviewers and apply a points structure to ensure there are fair criteria for candidate comparisons.

Onboarding support


Where needed, and depending on the role, we can provide—especially if you’re hiring in a role that you haven’t previously had and there’s no one internally who can provide guidance.