Expand Globally

Global expansion is often a strategic business priority that marketing teams have a responsibility to support.

If you’re expanding to English speaking markets – especially those in the US, UK and APAC, Foresight is uniquely positioned to support this often complex and important undertaking. It’s not for the faint of heart! But it can be done both efficiently and effectively with the right team.

Some of the marketing challenges often associated with global expansion include:


Localising content and understanding local nuances that may impact the interpretation of the brand


Building the brand in a new location (where you may have enjoyed good brand recognition in existing markets)


Dealing with higher cost per acquisition or CAC (customer acquisition cost) when facing a new competitive environment


Time differences between if working with an agency partner in a vastly different timezone


Wrestling with new legal criteria and compliance requirements that may significantly impact tracking and personalisation

How Foresight Can Help You Expand Globally

International CMO Consulting

From localised research and interviews through to advanced marketing modelling and strategy for expansion into english speaking markets. Learn more

International Brand Messaging

Revisiting the brand as it relates to local cultural nuance and determining any minor shifts that many need to occur at a brand level for local outputs, as well as providing lists of asset updates for localised content. Learn more


International SEO

Preparing your website to rank in a new country involves a deep understanding of international SEO, how hreflangs are handled, and technical updates to the folder structure of your website to handle geo-targeted content. Learn more

Global Paid Digital Campaigns

Paid Digital campaigns are a great way to test international waters, so to speak! Use it to run tests in new international markets and focus on specific locations where you have a sales presence. Remember that without an established brand, cost per acquisition will generally always be higher than your local market to begin. Learn more

GDPR and Other Compliance For Analytics and Insights

GDPR and other privacy compliance frameworks that may not be in place in your primary location will likely need to be applied when you expand globally. We can help you apply those frameworks in practice across both analytics and CRM to reduce your legal exposure. Learn more

Or, if you would like to learn more but you’re not ready to discuss in detail just yet, request more information below.