Earned media refers to all the things you do to earn publicity or exposure you might otherwise have to pay for.

Search Engine Optimisation

Organic social

Public Relations

Earned media generally includes these three categories. 

At Foresight, we specialise in Search Engine Optimisation (and we also have trusted partners we collaborate with in organic social and PR if that’s a priority for you).

Earned media doesn’t mean you don’t actually pay for them. You might pay a retainer to a PR, Influencer, Partnership, Social or SEO agency. It just means that it’s not as simple a transaction as paid digital (hand over money, get a click or a conversion!).

How earned media out-performs paid media

Often earned media is a much more trusted source of information for consumers and businesses. For instance, only 10% of clicks on search engines go to paid results. The other 90% go to organic results. So it might be harder, and it might take longer… but it is significantly more powerful once you’ve put in the effort!

That doesn’t mean it should be one or the other, ideally we use them both—the outcomes simply run on different timescales.

Foresight’s SEO technology partners

What Foresight Solves With SEO

Foresight takes a strategic approach to SEO implementation.

Clear forecast of results as part of our strategy

Forecasting SEO is no easy feat, but using your share of voice against competitors, and our experience of the time it takes to shift domain authority and other key metrics that move the needle for organic traffic, we can provide you with clear visibility of what can be achieved.

Domain authority growth

If competitors are closing in or you have yet to establish your brand’s credibility digitally, we can implement strategies designed to increase your domain authority. We do this through a combination of digital PR, content and partnership focussed link building.

Content planning and production

If you don’t have content with words or synonyms that match the various keywords you want to rank for… it’s going to be pretty hard to earn those rankings! If you’ve already got a really healthy domain authority, we might suggest getting started on content ASAP.

Product-led SEO thinking

Sometimes the answer to earned growth is about more than just standard SEO. Product-led SEO is where we do the thinking and planning around elements that could drive growth at a product level— effectively baking in growth to your business model.