CMO Consulting

CMO consulting is often used by fast growing companies who are looking for structure, guidance and expertise at the highest level.

Why CMO Consulting?


Build structure, strategy and brand with confidence


Gain access to a CMO with access to a large team of digital strategists and specialists


Test before investing in the $250-300k+ salary required to bring in an experienced CMO full time.

The role and any attached services, can be flexibly shaped to fit the needs of your team and your particular level of growth. Some examples include:
  • Active member of your exec leadership team
  • Ownership of all marketing budget, timing and structural decisions
  • Ownership of and strategy around brand development
  • Holder of brand tone of voice approval
  • Management of internal marketing team members
  • Leadership of any change or launch comms
  • Selection and management of external partners

Phase 1: Strategy

Team Interviews

The CMO conducts interviews with each of the individuals across the immediate marketing team, and sometimes team members beyond, especially relevant stakeholders within product and sales teams.

Structure Review

The CMO reviews the current marketing team structure within the organisation and have conversations around where it is right now, vs where it may be envisioned in the future, and how it might fit with other decisions being made across other teams in the business.

Systems & Process Review

The CMO reviews and may also be taken through by your existing team where relevant, the marketing systems and processes that are currently in place, including how marketing performance is being tracked. And look to understand where there are existing blockers and challenges.

Brand, Strategy, Product Review

A review of any major elements of the CMO role and any places they may intersect with other parts of the business – across brand, strategy, product and perhaps even sales.

Strategic Recommendations

The CMO runs through and discusses an initial set of strategic recommendations with the exec leadership team, including hiring, structure, expectation setting, operational rhythm, strategy and brand direction/next steps and more.

Phase 2: Set Up

Position Contracts

The CMO leads the rolling out of OKRs and position contracts across the marketing team to provide best practice performance evaluations.

Structural Roll Out

The CMO rolls out any structural changes that may be needed based on any agreed to recommendations from the initial review. Often these may take time to plan, depending on where the team is at.

Inter-Dept Comms

The CMO leads the roll out of any communications and briefing changes in terms of how the internal team engages with and requests things of marketing, and visa versa how marketing may interact with or request things of the product team.

Operating Rhythm

The CMO rolls out any other operating rhythms across marketing and leadership that ensure the right cadence of reporting, performance management and strategic reviews to keep pace with the businesses’ growth and evolution.

Phase 3: Lead


This includes ongoing leadership accountability from a strategic and brand perspective (and people management if required). Operational or implementation management would generally be done by your or our internal teams, however the CMO may be responsible for ensuring overall marketing performance is managed and tracked toward critical growth and brand awareness goals.


This includes ongoing work to lead the execution of marketing strategy across the business, to evolve it as the business evolves and to revisit and realign on a deeper level, usually on a quarterly or half yearly basis depending on how fast your business is growing.


On an ongoing basis, as the core owner of your brand, this involves ownership of the brand voice, any decision making, guidance and consultation that touches on the brand and planning around the evolution of the brand and how to continue to bring it to life.

Or, if you would like to learn more but you’re not ready to discuss in detail just yet, request more information below.