Challenger Brands

Our team loves working with challenger brands. Brands with a strong strategy and drive to pick apart the status quo. To change the industry they’re in for the better. To do things differently.

There is some crossover between challenger and scale-up brands.

A challenger brand can also be a scaleup, but not always. Sometimes they’re a bit larger and may have been around longer, but they’re not at the top of the food chain and in fact…they don’t necessarily want to be!

They’ve carved out a different perspective and they’re looking to fulfil their mission in a way that doesn’t compromise how they’re unique. They know how to tell a story, they care about the community and they’re laser focussed on their purpose.

Challenger Brands We’ve Worked With

Under Armour

A fraction of the size of Nike, but thinking differently across all areas of product innovation.


A new way for hospo to do business sustainably without giving a large chunk of cash to the Ubers and Takeaways of the world.

Luxury Escapes

Travel planning and aggregation reimagined. Complete, luxury packages rather than the piecemeal approach of market leaders.


The world’s most recognisable alternative to plastic cups—on a mission to change the way humans consume and to eliminate waste.

What Foresight Solves For Challenger Brands

Challenger brands need to make their mark deeply felt. Doing so often means creating a consistent emotional connection with their target audience… and never letting go!

Making a mark

With clear, unique and values aligned brand messaging.

Thinking and acting differently

With CMO strategic advisory and consulting.

Bold and emotional connections

With performance marketing that considers more than just the numbers.

• Paid Digital
• CRM and Automation

Transform the market

With optimisation strategies that increase conversions from the beginning

• Product and Offer Development
• Content Production

Never back down

With a team that can support marketing performance with critical, live insights that gives you the confidence to communicate the value of marketing at a leadership level internally.

• Analytics and Insights