Build Brand Awareness

So you want to build brand awareness? A very smart goal – 89% of fellow marketers say it’s their most important goal too!

At a time when so often marketers can feel pressure to focus on short term results like leads and sales, it can be difficult to get the internal support necessary to invest in brand building.

And yet, it is the power of your brand that is the reason customers spend what they do with you, why they search for your name, and why they choose you over the competition.

Your brand is an asset on the business balance sheet, just like any other. The difference is that it’s a little more intangible. How many sales would you get if you had all the same infrastructure, but you couldn’t use your brand name?

Coca Cola’s market cap is over 200 billion USD – while it’s brand alone is worth 84 billion. That’s how powerful a brand can be.

Brand awareness is associated with market share growth. However, not all investments are large enough to move the market share needle. In some cases, it may simply be about brand maintenance rather than steep growth. 

How Foresight Can Help You Build Brand Awareness

CMO Consulting

We provide guidance on the best strategic approach in terms of budget, forecasting. Learn more

Brand Messaging

It’s crucial that your brand is in a position to leverage itself in any campaign. If that’s not yet the case, our brand messaging and refresh approach provides you with the brand foundation you may need to get the most out of any brand campaign. Learn more

Paid Digital Brand Campaigns

These span across brand search or brand, influencer campaigns on social media and direct buys across video media from a variety of media publishers. Learn more

SEO Driven Digital PR

While SEO is generally thought of as moving the needle on non-branded search, when link building efforts are approached from a Digital PR perspective, we can drive brand visibility at the same time as driving links. Learn more

Content Production

Your generosity, authenticity and the way you apply your brand personality across the range of content that is then used in multiple channels will drive the level of emotional interaction with your brand. Learn more

Analytics and Insights

Our live dashboards give you access to traditional brand awareness metrics like clicks, impressions and views. In addition, depending on budget we can run digital brand lift surveys which track ad recall, brand awareness, and consideration. Learn more