Brand Messaging

Your company brand is the core of who you are.

But if you’re like most businesses, over time it might have become a bit confused, lost or diluted along the way. Or maybe you’re so emerging that you haven’t had the time to craft it properly yet.

When our clients revisit critical brand elements like voice, personality and positioning – our subsequent conversion rates across performance marketing can lift by over 300%.

HungryHungry has had the pleasure of collaborating with the amazing team at Foresight, and they have over delivered in every aspect. Providing an objective always helps when seeking assistance with your company’s vision and strategy, but, when you pair this with such an innovative collective of individuals, it takes this to an entirely new level.

To say HungryHungry is impressed with Foresight’s commitment to our Marketing road map would be a complete understatement. The team here at HH cannot speak highly enough of Michelle and the team.

Bonnie Newton | HungryHungry

Finding the real you

Your brand is a reflection of your values, your strategy, your blood, sweat and tears. Often for emerging and growing brands, all this information is stuck in the founder’s brain. Our job, is to get it out of there!

Space for your brand

Competitors say all sorts of stuff in their messaging, and our job is to figure out where there is space for you to say something different. We help you define your unique difference and communicate it from a place of strength.

Customer conversations

Customers have this uncanny way of knowing more about what makes you unique than you do. That’s why we have one to one conversations with them, and run both qualitative and freeform surveys to create the backbone of your brand messaging

Messaging architecture

Our messaging architecture methodology is designed to give you a clear roadmap of how your brand messaging fits into your broader business goals, strategy, purpose and more.

Design thinking

Uncover the emotional side of each customer segment with our customer empathy and journey mapping workshop.

Tone of voice

Discover the authentic language of your brand, and have a tone of voice document that goes far beyond a static file that gathers dust on the shelf.

Visual mood exploration

Without going down the rabbit hole of a complete creative refresh, we use our understanding of your personality to showcase some of the new visual ways your brand could present itself in a way that fits with your voice.

Content hackathon

Our content hackathon is a beautiful end to the messaging architecture. We focus on one area of content (it may be your website, a sales deck or a brochure), and update the content to align with your new voice and style.

All research is yours

You get access to all the research, all our notes, everything! We don’t just leave you with a pretty presentation, you get all the nitty gritty stuff that makes up the soul of your brand.

Or, if you would like to learn more but you’re not ready to discuss in detail just yet, request more information below.