Automation and CRM

Leveraging the power of a CRM and all its automation capabilities, we provide an end to end approach that can be delivered in waterfall or agile working style to generate leads, nurture existing leads, retain existing customers and turn them into advocates.

During the last 3 years of cooperating with the team at Foresight, they have shown a high level of dedication and professionality. Results are always at the forefront of their thinking. They will go the extra mile to find ways to support you and their people are a joy to work with.

Thomas Talsma | Digital Marketing Lead, LiveTiles

CRM updates and data hygiene

We review your existing CRM set up and existing first
party (customer) data. We help clean it (data hygiene), set up processes to keep it clean and even enrich it with extra sources of data if possible.

Marketing legal operations

Helping you identify, plan and implement subscription management that complies with
Australian SPAM act and GDPR legal obligations.
Because no one wants a $100,000 fine, right?!

Use case planning and forecasting

Based on your most important objectives, we identify discrete communication flows that could be automated, working closely with your team to map out a brief, any new CRM fields that might be needed, and the communication approach (e.g. email, SMS, or omnichannel).

Prospecting and direct outreach

If your objective is to increase B2B leads, LinkedIn and Facebook are excellent ways to try a direct prospecting outreach use case. We provide the data, prioritisation, automation, content and advanced live reporting to support the process.

Conversion and sales chat bots

If your objective is to convert more people once they land on your owned assets, then use cases that address optimising sales forms on your website, or setting up website or Facebook chat bots can be really powerful. We lead the creation of chat flows, content and set up and automation of the chat bot.

Retention, engagement and advocacy

It costs a lot less to keep an existing customer than to convert a new one! If your objective is to leverage all your existing customers, to reduce churn or increase sales to those who are already brand converts, then a range of use cases that address retention, upsell or cross sell, encourage advocacy through feedback mechanisms and more can provide some of the most compelling return on investment for a CRM and automation program.

Content production

As each use case is delivered, our team produces all the content needed for each automation. In many cases that’s usually simple written content in your brand’s tone of voice. But it might also include illustrations, imagery or video to encourage greater engagement.

Regular use case optimisation

Once each use case is live, we continue to review it’s performance on a regular basis and optimise it for send timing, sender, content, length, flow and much more.

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