Analytics & Insights

At Foresight, our team of experienced analysts and data scientists believe that when you mix data with creativity, insight and a deep understanding of the customer the ability to optimise digital marketing campaigns grows exponentially. Meet them here

We’ve had success with some of Australia’s largest brands across finance, property, sport, tourism, FMCG and more.

Foresight Digital have been working with LUCRF Super to establish a sound strategic digital response to our specific needs. They’re not afraid to ask the tough questions and are incredibly responsive and solution oriented and we feel they’re a true partner.

Elise Brown | LUCRF Super

Analytics Strategy

Our approach to analytics is led by one critical end goal: actionable marketing insights.  During an initial strategy we audit your existing analytics technology and set up, run our inclusive analytics workshop with your team and solidify a measurement plan.

Advanced data modelling

Using a range of specialist tools and data sources, we run advanced traffic modelling to more realistically forecast the impact of SEO and paid digital marketing activity to aid your budgeting and benchmarking.

Tag campaigns in an organised way

From Google Tag Manager to Telium iQ to Mixpanel, we have built baseline tag management container templates that create a best practice foundation in organising marketing campaign analytics and help get you up and running faster.

Dashboards that you’ll love reading

Ever seen a flashy dashboard that you don’t understand? Our one goal is to make sure that the dashboards we create are both beautiful and useful. From showing you data in context with year on year comparisons, or against your targets, benchmarks or competitors. 

Stakeholder views for dashboards

One of the things we believe in is creating different views for different people in your organisation.  What your CMO wants to see is different to the marketing manager is different to the CEO, and we customise views for each of them.

Valuable metrics implementation

We give you a 360 view of the impact of digital marketing with our set up of critical marketing metrics including customer lifetime value, ROI calculations that account for COGS, advanced attribution modelling and enhanced ecommerce with Google Analytics.

Unique search marketing data sources

Google or Adobe analytics only give you a piece of the puzzle.  What about data from activity that happens before people visit your website?  Google search console, Google my business, backlink data and more, we help visualise data sources that show the true health of your search marketing investments.

Integrate with custom data sources

With our full stack development background in custom web apps and websites, our analytics developers can integrate with systems marketers care about even if there isn’t a plug and play integration – from CRM’s to call centre data and more.

Analysis and actionable insights

If numbers are down or up, why?  And what should we do next? Because we’re digital marketers not just analysts, we investigate data in a way that is unique.  We use both our analytical but also our creative skill sets to determine the root cause and potential solutions.

Optimise for conversions

Does Buy Now or Order Now increase click throughs? Does removing that extra form field improve conversions? Mixing UX, data analytics, and multivariate testing, our approach is to create a test and learn friendly environment by bringing together not just online testing, but unique research and psychographic data – blending the world of qualitative and quantitative information.  Quantitative based CRO is limited to websites with 50,000+ visitors per month.

Training and governance

From simple training manuals to in person workshops and full scale analytics governance consulting, we believe that empowering your entire organisation to love working with data and the insights it can being.


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