For the curious at heart

There are thousands of agencies across Australia. Why choose a career at Foresight? We all spend most of our lives working, so finding a company and environment that empowers you to achieve your career goals while being part of a team of smart, passionate digital marketers is important. This little infographic helps explain why us!

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Why you should never let anyone tell you search marketing isn’t creative

What our team says:


“At Foresight, you get to put multi-channeled strategies into play. Creative types will have ample opportunity to shine”

Mark Soon | Senior Strategist


“Foresight is a great place to grow and succeed with strong leadership, flexibility for family carers and unwavering customer focus”

Ramya Kandregula | Senior Strategist

For Interested Candidates

Who we would love to hear from:

One of the things we have learned over time is that there is no “right time” to meet the perfect team member. Even if no role is available today, there are still many ways to stay in touch and be involved in our team. We would love to hear from:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Strategists & Specialists
  • Paid Search, Display and Programmatic Strategists & Specialists
  • Marketing Automation, Automation & Email Strategists & Specialists
  • Digital Analytics & Machine Learning Leaders & Specialists
  • Digital Account Directors and Project Managers with deep marketing experience

Differences We Often Look For

We get especially excited when candidates who reach out to us have at least two of the five attributes below:

  • Deep and extensive experience (usually 6+ years at a minimum)
  • Experience working not just at agencies but brand/client side also (because empathy is one of our core values)
  • Digital marketing accreditations (for instance Google Analytics or Google Adwords)
  • A past degree in computer science
  • Creative thinking (don’t just send us your CV, tell us what makes you unique and what you can offer the team!)

Does all this sound like you?

Express your interest below. Whether we have an official opening right now or not, we will always meet with candidates who could be the right fit.

Are you an experienced enterprise search marketing specialist?

Each month we have an open discussion where we deep dive into a search marketing topic and use as an opportunity to both share and gain knowledge. Request a place at our invite only search marketing meet-up held in Melbourne CBD every month.

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